Flexible Lending

​​Power an innovative and adaptable approach to lending​

​​​Give your customers the most innovative lending options​​

Our Flexible Lending solution offers an extensive range of options to help your customers choose the best loan structure and terms to fit their needs. Lending options begin before the moment of purchase and extend beyond the transaction.

Business benefits

​​​Create new revenue streams​​ 

Increase conversion through offering flexibility  

Grow share of wallet 

​​Strengthen​ customer loyalty 

​​Increase data led insight into customer behaviour​​​ 

Combine with our suite of solutions to create powerful customer experiences

Customer benefits

Innovative lending 

Wide choice of lending tools and structures 

Rapid approvals 

Avoid clunky loan approval processes 

​​Improve budgeting​ 

​​Aid decision making earlier in the buying process​ 

Featured use cases

Let your customers choose their ideal lending structure

​​​Pre-purchase lending

  • Offer embedded loans ahead of purchase and ready to activate at the moment of transaction

  • Loans are paid directly into customer accounts to give them control over purchase selection

Post-purchase instalments

  • Allow customers to convert their purchases into instalments

  • Enable more control and better cash flow management for your customers

  • Remove your dependence on third party merchant financing schemes

Increase conversion with pre-purchase loans

NWB FlexibleLending screen1.1

Pre-determine affordability and rates

NWB FlexibleLending screen1.2

Start application by entering details

NWB FlexibleLending screen1.3

Review and accept loan offer

Embedded capabilities

Our Flexible Lending solution features core components of Boxed product capabilities​ that can be configured to achieve your vision​.

  • ​​​Credit Account ​​ 

  • ​​​Payments​​ 

  • ​​​Interest​​​​ 

  • Cards (optional)  

Extended capabilities

Our Flexible Lending solution integrates with the extended capabilities of Boxed and NatWest to provide a complete end-to-end service.

  • Customer Onboarding 

  • Identity & Authentication 

  • Customer Service & Support 

  • Credit Decisioning 

  • Credit Management & Collections 

  • Data & Insight 

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