Digital Wallet

​Unlock customer loyalty with an interest-bearing digital wallet

​​Powering​​​ own brand digital wallet ecosystems

​​Boxed allows you to embed financial services into your own branded digital wallet. With Boxed you can enable seamless brand experiences, gather customer deposits and share new revenues, whilst rewarding loyalty through discounts and points.​​​

​​Create your own digital wallet with Boxed. ​ 

Leverage embedded finance to unlock customer loyalty

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Ideal for low to medium value, high frequency purchases, with regular top ups into the store of value 

Suitable for both physical and online businesses 

Customer deposits can be rewarded by discounts or loyalty points 

Customer purchases are made from your own branded wallet or card and can earn rewards 

​​​Open-ended access to spend beyond your own merchant or brand ecosystem ​​​​ 

Business benefits

Encourage repeat purchases and continuity of engagement through enhanced rewards 

Increase conversion through one tap or click to purchase

Create new revenue streams through earnings from both deposits and transactions  

Gain forward visibility of future purchasing through committed savings 

Increased data informed insight into customer behaviour 

Customer benefits


Provide simple, ​frictionless​​​ customer experiences 

Better value 

Benefit through enhanced loyalty offerings 

Save money 

Allow customers to earn interest from their deposits 

Making frictionless finance a reality

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Your digital wallet

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Embed our offering

Embed our capabilities within your pre-existing loyalty offering

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Build loyalty and incentivise

With additional savings, incentive your customers

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Keep funds within digital wallet

Refunds can go back directly into the wallet balance

Featured use cases

Enable customer spending beyond your own business

Open your own branded card and loyalty programme to enable customer spending among a selected group of chosen partners. Or make it completely open allowing customers to spend their deposits anywhere.

Help your customers save for important purchases

Enable your customers to Save Now, Buy Later within your own loyalty programme. Our Digital Wallet allows customers to save for a specific goal-based purchase. Usually this will be a high value product, such as a car, furniture, electronics or white goods.

Embedded capabilities

Our Digital Wallet features core components of Boxed ​banking​​​ capabilities​ that can be configured to achieve your vision​.

  • Current Account 

  • ​​Savings Account​​​ 

  • ​​Payments​ 

  • ​​Interest​​​​ (optional)​ 

  • ​​Credit Account ​​​​(optional)​ 

  • Cards (optional) 

Extended capabilities

Our Digital Wallet integrates with the extended capabilities of Boxed and NatWest to provide a complete end-to-end service.

  • Customer Onboarding 

  • Customer Service & Support 

  • Identity & Authentication 

  • Credit Decisioning (if required) 

  • Credit Management & Collections (if required) 

  • Data & Insight 

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