Card Accounts

​​Empower your customers to spend anywhere on the go​​​

Enable your customers​​ and employees to ​take control of their spending​​​

Boxed enables businesses to help their customers, members or employees spend more wisely​ through a physical or virtual card spending account.​​​  

Business benefits

Build loyalty among your key audiences and stakeholders 

Encourage repeat purchases through rewards, discounts and points

Create new revenue streams through earnings on deposits and transactions  

Increased data informed insight into audience ​​behaviour 

Customer benefits

​​​Easy to use and reload 

A simple way to manage funds 

Better financial control 

An easy way to control spending 

Secure and reliable  

Ensured security of funds at all times 

Featured use cases

Allow your customer, and employees to take control of their spending

Employee reward cards

  • Can be either employer or employee funded 

  • Regular top ups enabled​​ 

  • Open to spend anywhere, or within your preferred partner network for qualified employee benefits 

Travel cards

  • Customer pre-funded by initial payment, with ability to top up 

  • Suitable for holiday operators, leisure providers, travel agents and airlines, as well as day-today transport providers, including cycle and scooter schemes  

Gift cards

  • Pre-funded by initial payment, with ability to top up 

  • Recipient purchases are made from branded virtual wallet or physical card 

  • Can be open to spend anywhere, or restricted to merchant specific ecosystem 

Advance cards

  • Pre-payments can be funded against salary, pension or other regular income source 

  • Customer purchases are made from your own branded virtual wallet or physical card 

  • Can be open to spend anywhere, or restricted to spend by retailer/sector/type 

Making frictionless finance a reality

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Event card

A safer way to pay than cash at large events such as festivals

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Gift card

Open the door to deeper customer relationships

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Rewards card

A simple way to reward and spend

Embedded capabilities

Our Card Accounts solution features core components of Boxed product capabilities​ that can be configured to achieve your vision​.

  • Current Account 

  • ​​​Payments 

  • Cards​​ 

Extended capabilities

Our Card Accounts solution integrates with the extended capabilities of Boxed and NatWest to provide a complete end-to-end service.

  • Customer Onboarding 

  • Identity & Authentication 

  • Customer Service & Support 

  • Data & Insight 

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