​​Frictionless financial experiences ​

Transform customer relationships by offering financial services in the moment of need.

​​Seamless integration into your customer journey ​

Embedded finance is revitalising retail and consumer businesses. Boxed provides financial solutions built upon best-in-class technology and offer end-to-end operational capabilities. We will help you improve margins, increase conversion and grow market share.

Our solutions are simple to select, easy to build and quick to deploy. Make an impact fast with Boxed. 

​​T​he metrics that matter

​​Embedded finance​ can improve both business and financial performance.


Increased checkout conversion 

Enable spending in the moment of need. Create frictionless transactions by ​empowering​ your customers to complete their purchases, when and where they choose. 


Increased average order value 

​​Empower​ your customers to plan and budget for their purchases. Help them to save and build towards larger purchases, choosing and using the best available terms and ​​loans.  

Source: NatWest Boxed UK retailer interviews Oct-Nov 2023 (n=21); BCG analysis

The problems we solve

​​Build​ loyalty 

Increase retention ​by integrating financial solutions directly ​with loyalty programmes that repay interactions and offer financial rewards. 

Grow share of wallet 

Encourage repeat purchases and increase basket value by helping your customers to save for higher value purchases. 

​​Increase conversion ​ 

​​Reduce dropout by offering flexibility on how your customers choose to transact.​ 

​​Gain i​nsight from data  

Get to know your customers by ​r​etaining your customer and transaction data, enabling you to build new value propositions. 

Our solutions for consumer brands

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Digital Wallet

​​Unlock customer loyalty with an interest-bearing digital wallet

  • Integrate into your​ branded loyalty ecosystem

  • Gather deposits and share revenues

  • Incentivise loyalty through points, discounts and rewards.

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Card Accounts

​​Empower your customers to spend anywhere on the go

  • Incentivise own brand loyalty and purchasing

  • Pre-funded and gift card options

  • New revenue streams from deposits and transaction fees

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Flexible Lending

Power an innovative approach to lending, providing approved loans pre or post purchase

  • Assist budgeting for high value purchases

  • Ensure best available loan terms and structure

  • Increase sales, access new revenue streams

NWB consumerBrands - POSLending light

POS Lending

Elevate your checkout experience with instant lending on your own terms

  • Offer instant decisions on low value items

  • Enable zero interest for rapid re-payment

  • Provide short term loans quickly


Sectors we support



Leisure & entertainment 

DIY & home improvement 

Travel & transport 




Energy & utilities 

​​Payroll ​ 

Build upon a trusted brand

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Reputation of NatWest

Boxed is backed by the reputation of NatWest, a tier one global bank, instantly recognised by UK consumers.  

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Deliver with confidence

Every Boxed solution complies with the strictest regulatory regime, ensuring you launch and operate securely.  

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Best​-​in​-​class technology

Comprehensive API modules, tools and frameworks help your team create new offerings efficiently. 

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End-to-end operations

Our full-service provision extends into operational and logistical fulfilment​ for your customers,​ for complete control over the quality of experience. 

Latest insights

Andy Ellis - Insight 700 x 934


3..2..1.. Embedded finance in action

Watch Andy Ellis, our CEO, describes the power of seamless experiences and share successful examples of embedded finance.

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White paper

Bridging Finance & Retail: The power of Banking-as-a-Service

In partnership with BCG, this white paper discovers the value that leading UK retailers have reported from embedded finance.

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