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What to expect in our interview process?

14 October 20232 minute read

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Parsa Lotfizadeh, Talent Acquisition Lead at NatWest Boxed

Congratulations! You’ve secured an interview at NatWest Boxed. We’re so excited to meet you!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what can I expect?

The interview process will vary depending on the role and business area you are meeting with. However, your interview process will follow the general principles outlined below.

If you need any adjustments to support your application or if you’re eligible under the Disability Confident Scheme please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Most of our interviews will be done via video call but there may be some cases where our team would love to meet you in-person. In this case, we will be sure to let you know before-hand.

Initial Screening

This is typically a short call and will be based around the key responsibilities for the role. We will explore some of your experience and technical domain knowledge to ensure there is a good alignment in your experience with the requirements of the role. This is also a chance for you to find out more about us, so make sure you come prepared with some great questions!

Technical Interview

This part of the interview process is designed to assess your technical ability and knowledge within the domain you’re applying for. This could range from a technical discussion, taking a deep dive into your experience and how you’ve tackled problems in the past, or a live exercise, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills to our team. You’ll get to meet people from the team you’ll be working with and, depending on the format, these will range from 1 - 2 hours in duration.

Culture Interview

Our values serve as the foundations for the culture we embrace here at NatWest Boxed. We use these as our North Star to not only support our ambitions as a company but also the growth of the individuals we employ here, that’s why they make up a big part of the final stage.

The culture interview is led by a People Manager and often the Hiring Manager for the role. This is an opportunity to learn more about how your knowledge, experience and skills relate to the role and our company's values. At the same time, this interview is a great chance for you to assess if our culture aligns with the way you work, what to expect from a day-to-day perspective and an insight into general life at Boxed. Please make sure to come prepared with some great questions so you can find out if this is the right place for you (we really hope it is!).


All candidates are given feedback in a timely manner after the interviews have taken place. Whether or not you are successful in securing the role, we want to ensure that this is a positive experience for everyone.

As this is a general guide, your Talent Acquisition Partner will help guide you through your exact interview process and make sure that you are as prepared as possible before each stage. Make sure you check our open roles and set up job alerts for future opportunities.

If you’ve made it this far, great job! We wish you all the best throughout the process and we’re all looking forward to meeting you soon!


Parsa Lotfizadeh, Talent Acquisition Lead at NatWest Boxed

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